Planning Considerations

The Principle of Development

National planning policy takes a positive approach to proposals seeking to make more effective use of sites that provide community services, such as hospitals. The proposed health and education hub is functionally and operationally linked to the wider emergency care hospital facility at Cramlington and is therefore broadly supported within national planning policy.

The recently adopted Cramlington Neighbourhood Plan (2019) drew a new settlement boundary for the town, which includes the hospital and the associated landholdings of the Trust. This establishes the general principle of development coming forward on this site.

Design and Amenity

To ensure the health and training centre fits in with the surroundings, a combination of brick, white render and feature spandrel panels will add interest to the building’s main façade. The colours used will pick up on those seen across the emergency care hospital campus. The associated coffee shop will also be of a modern and complementary design. 

Transport and Highways

In terms of highway safety, the site is served by on-site car parking which is accessed via the emergency care hospital’s internal estate road. Initial transport assessments have identified no obvious issues in respect of highway safety, and discussions remain ongoing with the Local Highway Authority regarding the technical work required ahead of the submission of our application.